Welcome to Pixel Compress!

The app will carefully installing itself into your HubSpot Portal upon installation.  

Here's what it does:

1) Creates a PixelCompress folder with all of your original images for safe keeping - and restoration - if needed

2) Optimizes all of your images individually by it's file type. JPGs, PNGs, & SVG each have their own compression algorithm

3) Each image takes about 4 seconds to process through the image blender

4) When it's finished processing all the images, you can see how much space it's saved in your portal!  

Pixel Compress Dashboard

Where does Pixel Compress Live in your portal?

  • Navigate to Settings wheel at the top right of your portal

  • In the settings menu, navigate to "Integrations" click on "Connected Apps".  On the "All apps" tab you'll see Pixel Compress

  • Drop down the "Action" menu, and click "Go to setting"

  • This is open the "General settings" tab where you'll find the actions you can control the app with:
    • Active - this slider control allows you to turn Pixel Compress on and off in the portal

    • JPG compression - this setting is where you can choose the level of compression: low, medium, or high.  The default is High

    • Compression report - is the report that shows you a summary each file compressed in your portal

    • Billing - has all of your subscription information 

  • The Compression report is where the magic happens!  It allows you to  view the summary of how many images are in your portal, the before and after byte sizes, and the amount of image weight saved in total

  • All of your image folders and image links are clickable for you to navigate to each individual image and view it in a separate browser tab

  • The image list show the size before and size after image sizes, and the total % reduction by image. 

  • To the right of each image is an arrow that allows you to restore the original image from the backup folder. This will revert the image to what it looked like before Pixel Compress was installed.

Congratulations!  Now go enjoy your faster, and freshly optimized website!